Nefertiti Karismaida

Everybody's Environment Liaison
Highsmith Student Union 212

Nefertiti came to UNC Asheville in 2015 after spending her freshman year in Hiram College, Ohio. Originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, she is studying in the USA in hopes that she will gain practical knowledge that she will use to gradually improve her hometown after graduation. She has a major in International Studies with minors in Political Science and Environmental Studies. She cares about local & organic food movement, fair trade, climate change, pollution, waste, and resource allocation. Her dreams are to better understand how to connect with people of varying background more effectively and to be able to promote gender racial equity, not only for social issues but also in the field of natural sciences. In her spare time, she loves to cook Asian cuisines, write stories, read funny articles, draw sketches, play piano, go eat out at good places, and cuddle with stuffed animals.